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Myself & my wife Beckie started TeiganSmile to help raise Awareness of the dangers of kissing a baby on the lips as well as raising much needed funds to help with the cost of  equipment she needs as well as hopefully getting her abroad for Stem Cell Therapy that could greatly improve the quality of her life.


We organise lots of fundraising events, so keep an eye out as any help or support is much appreciated. We also try to help as many other sick children as we can on the way!!!


Teigan is 8 years old and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy from what is called the HSV-1 virus. It’s the Herpes Simplex Virus most commonly known as the cold sore virus or the “kiss of death” for infants. For infants with little to no immune system, it’s fatal. When someone who has the virus in their system and kisses an infant it can spread rapidly. You can have the virus and not even know you have it. You don’t have to have an active cold sore to pass it on. You shed the virus in your saliva and when it gets on the baby it goes through the body so fast. It attacks the brain first. It shows up as a type of meningitis. It’s fluid based around the vertebrae and goes straight the the brain. It then spreads to all their organs. It happens so fast that you don’t even know the baby is sick.

In Teigans case, she was 2 weeks old when we arrived at the hospital she was having multiple seizures that started in her right arm; we mentioned this to the triage nurse and she told us not to worry it was neurological!! Something still didn’t feel right so we waited to see a doctor for what seemed like forever, in this time we watched the seizures spreading across our daughters body.

The doctor finally called us through to tell us that she should’ve been taken straight to the Rainbow ward she was “fitting” another hour and our beautiful baby girl may not have survived


Everyone needs to know about this virus and what it does to children and their families!




I have seen stories about other infants having this same virus; some unfortunately don’t survive; you never think it’s going to happen to you. Doctors don’t see this very often. There’s not a lot of cases on this but it’s starting to spread more and more. And now it happened right here to us. Our perfectly healthy, happy, Teigan is not able to do the things she should because of a terrible virus that people need to be more aware of.


This is a serious and dangerous illness. Do your part, stop kissing babies and start washing your hands. These babies don’t deserve it. Teigans didn’t deserve it. I as a mother and wife didn’t deserve it. My husband and kids don’t deserve it. And now we will live a whole life time of “what if’s”. It’s not fair!! We should have never had to go through this. I love you Teigan Rose. We will get stronger, we will do what we have to do!


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